3 Promotional Tees
3 Professional Button Up Shirts
3 Professional Long Socks
2 Pairs of Slacks
5 H&M Twill Pants
1 Sleeveless Hoodie
1 Pair of Swimming Trunks


Here’s a list of items that I’ll be removing from the closet. Staying a minimalist requires a bit of work sometimes even for someone that’s been practicing it for several years, over the course of time you’ll somehow build up clothes you just stop using and that’s pretty normal. I’ve built up clothes from getting free shirts at events and getting gifts along the way. I even recently decided to get rid of my old office clothes I been holding on to just in case I needed to get a job again and fortunately I’ve been self employed for two years so I feel safe giving them away. So at the end of the year I give away my clothes to a homeless shelter or a thrift store. Here are 3 reasons why I recommend everyone should do a yearly wardrobe purge:


Staying on track with the lifestyle
It’s easy to get off the minimalist path. Things just accumulate and if you’re not actively decluttering you’ll find yourself with more junk than you wanted in the first place.


Giving to the less fortunate is always in style
Growing up poor poor was never fun but shopping at thrift stores helped me get through those harder times. I’m happy this year cause I have nice business attire to get rid of. I’m hoping this will help someone score a job one day.


It’s Eco Friendly
The fashion industry is taking a serious toll on the planet these days but that’s a story that deserves it’s own post. Either way, if I can prevent some clothes from going into the landfill and have the retail store hold on to their inventory for a day longer it’s a win for the planet.